[Review:] POISONED POLLUTED, Old Red Lion Theatre, London.

Poisoned Polluted is currently performing at the Old Red Lion Theatre in London. I shall start first with the writing. A contemporary dramatic text, writer, producer and actress Kathryn O’Reilly manages to capture in her writing an incredible amount of detail in very short and staccato lines. The writing definitely has a favourable amount of depth... Continue Reading →

[Review:] KATHRYN HOWARD, The Hope Theatre, London.

This performance appropriates the figure of Katheryn Howard as a synecdoche for the abused, objectified and prejudiced female. Through her subjection, it explores misogyny, sexism, social classifications, silenced cries and sexual abuse. Yet, despite how broad this seems, and despite the extending poignancy of some of Katheryn monologues, this exploration is not particularly profound or... Continue Reading →

[Review:] WEIGHT/WAIT, Blue Elephant Theatre, London.

Weight/Wait is a very enjoyable performance, offering in its particularity both lighthearted comedy and a certain soreness. Depicting an individual’s struggles with anxiety, this play provides a sense of respite and solidarity but also a unique depiction of a widespread yet vastly misunderstood mental disorder. Babbling and uttering nonsensical phrases, incessantly shadowing Karen (Katharine Richardson),... Continue Reading →

[Review:] A NEW DAWN, Union Theatre, London.

Making use of very current sociopolitical themes, A New Dawn is a very entertaining play which follows the story of fictional politician Emma, her love life, political fame and scandal. It is definitely, as promoted, a play which toys with trust, creating not only distrust between the three characters, Emma (Sue Appleby), Lucy (Sarah Leigh)... Continue Reading →

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