[Review:] BURIED; GRACELAND; NUCLEAR WAR, Old Red Lion, London.

The three performances considered in this review, Nuclear War, Buried, and Graceland, are currently performing alongside one another as part of a so-called triptych at the Old Red Lion theatre. I will start with a summary of the night overall and then proceed to consider each play separately. I find it difficult to comprehend why... Continue Reading →

[Review:] THE DIRTY THIRTY: INTERNATIONAL WOMXN’S DAY, Rosemary Branch Theatre, London.

Degenerate Fox perform The Dirty Thirty, a compilation of thirty micro-plays, weekly at the Rosemary Branch Theatre. No two performances are ever the same, as this compilation is edited every single time, with five plays deemed the weakest, or those that have been running for too long, being removed and replaced every week, meaning that... Continue Reading →

[Review:] V&V, The Vaults Studio, London.

This review will consider V&V, written and directed by Misha Pinnington and currently performing at The Vaults Studio, London, as part of The VAULT Festival. I have mixed feelings about this performance, mainly because this performance itself offers two very different stories with their unique readings. Whilst both study the romantic correspondences between a pair... Continue Reading →

[Review:] BEIGE, The Vaults Studio, London.

Written by Anna Wheatley and directed by Jessica Daniels, Beige is a most heartwarming and cogent performance, representing the queer experience, for the most part, with clarity and precision. The play remains both emotional and encouraging, informative and entertaining. A good play, indeed. There do remain, however, many areas of this play that require further... Continue Reading →

[Review:] HOW TO SAVE A ROCK, The Vaults, London.

Unfortunately, I must start by saying that this is not a strong performance at all. It remains convoluted, chaotic and disorderly, sometimes involuntarily and sometimes through peculiar volition. As the audience enter, they are playfully accosted by an accordionist, the ushers and three babbling scientists, one (Will Stevens) obsessed with his complex machines (two bicycles... Continue Reading →

[Review:] THE HIGH TABLE, Bush Theatre, London.

This is a very enjoyable performance, offering a rich and textured story which blends traditional African spiritualism with modern-day sociocultural concerns. Written by Temi Wilkey, The High Table follows the story of lesbian lovers Tara (Cherrelle Skeete) and Leah (Ibinabo Jack) who are soon to be wed in spite of cultural prejudices and of Tara’s... Continue Reading →

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