A Happy New Year from The Theatre Reviewer!

Happy New Year! A fresh decade has begun, and a lot of new features are being planned for the site, so stay tuned! Make sure you're following The Theatre Reviewer on Twitter to keep up-to-date with posts and reviews: @T_Reviewer And remember that you can also sign up for e-notifications, meaning that you'll be sent... Continue Reading →

Important Information: Press Communications

This publication will cover what is required when requesting a review from The Theatre Reviewer. Please read carefully to make sure your review request goes as simply and as smoothly as possible.   Email Correspondence Please address all emails to [first name:] Lee James [surname:] Broadwood. Please remain courteous and professional throughout correspondences. Please leave... Continue Reading →

Important Information: Free Publicity

All Review Requesters are entitled to free publicity upon The Theatre Reviewer's main site and social media. Examples of free publicity: i, ii, iii. This publicity has always been automatically published; however, from now on, you will have to request free publicity for your performance(s). To do this, please send an email to lee.james.broadwood@hotmail.com, or... Continue Reading →

Wild Shenanigans Comedy Festival!!!

This post has been edited. Find all links to corresponding reviews beside the performance titles listed below. The Wild Shenanigans Comedy Festival will take place at the Blue Elephant Theatre! And reviews will be published soon for ALL listed performances! These include: Tragic Scenes of Legendary Women Where Snakes Were (Kind Of) Present ––– Review now... Continue Reading →

Press Releases: What, How, and Why?

This post will answer the following questions: What is a press release and what is it for? What information should a press release contain? What should a press release look like? What is required by The Theatre Reviewer when sending a press release? What next? What is a press release and what is it for?... Continue Reading →

Requesting a Review

Please note that due to current workload, reviews may take up to a maximum of four days to be published. You can request a review for a dance performance, musical, play, performance, showcase or rehearsed reading. If it is a live performance of any sort, a review can be requested from The Theatre Reviewer. To... Continue Reading →

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