This blog is intended for the theatre-lovers and goers of London and Brighton, dedicated to the reviewing of performances, plays, musicals and those alike.

As a drama student and aspiring theatre practitioner, these reviews are a reference point for me in developing my own craft and aesthetic; however, I do believe they may be of use to those searching detailed theatre reviews.

The reviews which appear on this blog do not normally take into account performances’ creative processes or their intentions/objectives; instead, they consider the constituents of the performances themselves. That is to say, they focus on aesthetics, characterisation (or the efficacy of the performers), plot and execution, and – especially – my own personal views.

They discuss what went well and what didn’t – and why – suggesting alternative routes that could have avoided unwanted tensions, awkwardness, blandness or fallibility. Where appropriate, they consider as well audience reaction. However, as it is impossible to speak collectively of any given audience, it should be noted well that these would be specific and noticeable spectators, or those with which I have conversed over the performance.

I hope this blog will be enjoyed and that it might serve as a future reference point for London/Brighton theatregoers or students alike searching analytical reviews.


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