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I have been reviewing for three years, both privately and publicly, for both on- and off-West End theatres in London as well as for theatres in Brighton and Nantes, France.

Primarily, this website serves as a reference for theatremakers and theatregoers, dedicated to the reviewing of performances, plays, musicals and those alike. These reviews also serve a personal trajectory, however. As a theatremaker myself, seeing the artistic work of others is crucial to the defining and refining of my own theatre’s craft and aesthetic. So, I am ever grateful for all Review Requesters who have helped me in my personal journey.

The reviews which appear on this site are not creative but analytical reviews, meaning that they rarely focus on the popularity, economic success or original creative/rehearsal processes of a performance, nor on the artists involved in its creation or their past works. Instead, the reviews featured on this site serve to consider the efficacy of the performance itself; in short: what was the performance intending to achieve? Did it achieve it? And why or why not?

These reviews discuss what was productive, poignant and powerful, and what was not – and why – often suggesting alternative routes that could have avoided unwanted tensions, awkwardness, blandness or fallibility. Where appropriate, they consider as well audience reaction. However, as it is, of course, impossible to speak conclusively of any given audience, it should be noted well that these would be specific and noticeable spectators or those with which I will have conversed after the performance.

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