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Please note that due to current workload, reviews may take up to a maximum of four days to be published You can request a review for a dance performance, musical, play, performance, showcase or rehearsed reading. If it is a live performance of any sort, a review can be requested from The Theatre Reviewer. To... Continue Reading →

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[Review:] HAPPILY EVER POOFTER, King’s Head Theatre, London.

This is a very comical and relevant performance. Whilst creative institutions like Disney consistently advocate an apparent genuine desire to represent minority groups and to fill our screens with diversity and acceptance, the said process seems to be unforgivingly slow, and there remains very little mainstream entertainment elsewhere with the same popularity, vitality, vision and... Continue Reading →

[Review:] CAPTAIN FLINN AND THE PIRATE DINOSAURS: THE MAGIC CUTLASS, Christmas in Leicester Square, London.

This was definitely a weak performance, from both a conceptual and executional standpoint. Whilst certain visuals and ambiences created in this musical are powerful and impressive, these remain practically the only elements of interest. With very little presence, beyond that naturally camp and flamboyant air which we immovably associate with drag queens and pantomime dames,... Continue Reading →

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