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You can request a review for a dance performance, musical, play, performance, showcase or rehearsed reading. If it is a live performance of any sort, a review can be requested from The Theatre Reviewer. To request a review, send the details of and poster for your performance(s) to: When you request a review, you... Continue Reading →

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[Review:] COMEDY OF ERRORS, The Cockpit, London.

King's Shakespeare Company brings a charming and modern revival of William Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors to the stage of The Cockpit in London. A true delight to watch. Ignoring plot, I will start with characterisation. This play held a range of characterisation and performing abilities, but a problem arose here when finding an acting style.... Continue Reading →

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A new page will soon be added to The Theatre Reviewer's site: Practitioners. On this page, new entries will detail the basis of the works of established, renowned and influential theatre practitioners. These will be published on a monthly basis and will serve as a reference point for theatrical movements, critical dramatic theories and creative/political... Continue Reading →

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