[Review:] SAD ABOUT THE COWS, Tristan Bates Theatre, London.

Amongst the widespread concerns of the environmentalists, anthropologists and proclaimers of the Anthropocene, there is one member whose voice is less audible and promoted: the voice of the solipsist, the individual. Sad About the Cows, written by Michelle Payne, provides an often neglected perspective of the self, the effects upon the singular individual, as opposed to... Continue Reading →


[Review:] LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS, Barons Court Theatre, London.

Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons is a play by Sam Steiner which echoes the voice of the present in unearthing widespread anxieties surrounding the digital age and social media. Its central message: we do not talk like we used to. Oliver and Bernadette live in a world approaching a dystopia, where a law is passed that... Continue Reading →

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