[Review:] JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, Theatre Peckham, London.

I have seen quite a few shows produced by Theatre Peckham and its young actor-training programme, and I must admit that this performance was rather disappointing, knowing what is usually achieved. I shall start with what is first presented to the audience: set. Set was definitely very wild in its design, and this was not... Continue Reading →

[Review:] CLOUDS, New Wimbledon Studio, London.

Clouds, created by Time & Again Theatre Company, is a most unique performance in both the content it presents and the energy it presents it with. It is rare on today’s stage to find a period performance like this which retains such a high level of dynamism, intrigue, depth and relatability. Clouds is most certainly... Continue Reading →

[Review:] KISSING REBELLION, Ovalhouse, London.

Created by Carolyn Defrin and Abigail Boucher, Kissing Rebellion is currently performing at the Ovalhouse in Kennington, London, as part of the Demolition Party 2019. As a purely exploratory piece of theatre, investigating the relativity, contextuality, viscerality and many subjective significances of kissing, this performance is rather rich and extensive. It encapsulates rather well the... Continue Reading →

[Review:] GAPING HOLE (STORY #3), Ovalhouse, London.

Essentially, this performance divides itself into three sections, the first and second alternating between one another before moving on to the third. The first sees the two characters (played by Rachel Mars and Greg Wohead) address plot-holes in various movies; then, the second, using narration and literal storytelling, imagines scenarios which decode and demystify these... Continue Reading →

[Review:] KATHRYN HOWARD, The Hope Theatre, London.

This performance appropriates the figure of Katheryn Howard as a synecdoche for the abused, objectified and prejudiced female. Through her subjection, it explores misogyny, sexism, social classifications, silenced cries and sexual abuse. Yet, despite how broad this seems, and despite the extending poignancy of some of Katheryn monologues, this exploration is not particularly profound or... Continue Reading →

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