[Review:] GIRLS WITH JOKES, King’s Head Theatre, London.

This review will consider Girls with Jokes, a night of stand up comedy recently performed at the King’s head Theatre in London. Comedians included, in set order: Sarah Tattersall, Kat Ronson, Katerina Robinson and Victoria Garofalides. Perhaps the most important thing after jokes and punchlines in standup comedy is persona: the little idiosyncrasies, the personality,... Continue Reading →


[Review:] MEGA, Tristan Bates Theatre, London.

MEGA is enchanting. Created by Alex Milne and performed at the Tristan Bates Theatre, its lovable characters and twists make it an absolute treat to watch. All actresses clearly understood the text and portrayed their characters incredibly well. They were all fabulously engaging and convincing, and their physicalities and voices made their characters believable. There were... Continue Reading →

[Review:] RUST, Bush Theatre, London.

Written by Kenny Emson and directed by Eleanor Rhode, Rust is currently performing at the Bush Theatre in London. This story is nowhere near original and was quite lacklustre in its direction and premise, which was disappointing. The content of scenes, which were very short and suited more for cinema, became repetitious after a while, making for... Continue Reading →

Important Information: Press Communications

This publication will cover what is required when requesting a review from The Theatre Reviewer. Please read carefully to make sure your review request goes as simply and as smoothly as possible.   Email Correspondence Please address all emails to [first name:] Lee James [surname:] Broadwood. Please remain courteous and professional throughout correspondences. Please leave... Continue Reading →

[Review:] TINDER TRILOGY, Theatre503, London.

This review will consider Tinder Trilogy, a play written by Annie Jenkins, directed by Lucy McCann and performed at Theatre503. I shall first start with the writing. This play uses a very particular narrative type to detail the personal sufferings of three characters, Geri (Mollie Macpherson), Beth (Jonna Blode Hanno) and George (Tiegan Byrne). This... Continue Reading →


This performance, directed by Georgia Murphy, is part of the Wild Shenanigans Comedy Festival currently performing at the Blue Elephant Theatre. In the most positive way possible, this performance definitely features in a band of the most ridiculous, whimsical and bewildering performances I have seen. It demands a certain attention, response and engagement from the... Continue Reading →

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