[Review:] PARADISE LODGE, Tabard Theatre, London.

Paradise Lodge aims, very honourably, to secure a voice for those with dementia and those experiencing it second-handedly. Despite its admirable objectives, and the emotional significance and relatability it most certainly had for a number of audience members, personally, I found its reality to fall far from its aims. In fact, I found this play... Continue Reading →


[Review:] MITES, The Actor’s Centre, London.

This review will consider Mites, a play written by James Mannion and directed by Marcus Marsh, currently performing at The Actor’s Centre until 26 October. Sadly, I must start this review by saying that I was extremely disappointed by this performance. It had such great personal appeal which the overture reinforced…and then the first scene... Continue Reading →

[Review:] JADE CITY, The Bunker Theatre, London.

Jade City is currently playing at the Bunker until 21st September. Brendan Quinn (playing Sas) and Barry Calvert (playing Monty) were excellent in pulling off both the persona and dialect of a typical Belfastian. The casting was definitely successful in choosing the right performers. Their characterisations of Monty and Sas were just as cogent, offering... Continue Reading →

[Review:] MACBETH, Temple Church, London.

Antic Disposition’s Macbeth is a truly captivating and impactful play, and before beginning this review, I would like to commend all actors for their nigh-on perfect Shakespeare acting. Accurate, powerful and just the right amount of emphasis between prosaic and poetic, these actors should stand as a significant reference point for all Shakespeare actors. There... Continue Reading →

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