[Review:] COLLAPSIBLE, Bush Theatre, London.

Written by Margaret Perry and directed by Thomas Martin, Collapsible presents a narrative of postmodern solipsism, a reflection on the self and one’s identity in an age dominated by crisis, destruction, instability and a lack of hope, compassion and sociability. It follows an unemployed Essie (Breffni Holahan) who struggles to find not only a job but... Continue Reading →

[Review:] FOR THE SAKE OF ARGUMENT, Bridewell Theatre, London.

For the Sake of Argument forces its audience to consider the relationship between words and war, from Eleanor Hickock’s (Ashleigh Cole) argument at the weekly pub debates that causes conflict between the group, to her opinionated writings and their impact upon the ideological thinking of late soldier Mark (Georgie Farmer), to Mark’s monologues such as that... Continue Reading →

[Review:] THE ARRIVAL, Bush Theatre, London.

Written and directed by Bijan Sheibani, The Arrival is currently performing at the Bush Theatre. This is a very powerful play which typifies the sentiments of rejection, loss, heartbreak and trauma. It addresses the [ideological] importance of family, of togetherness and compassion, but, more importantly, of identity and of knowing and appreciating oneself. It is... Continue Reading →

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