[Review:] VICTORY DAY, The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London.

This review will consider Victory Day, performed at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre. I will start with characterisation. With the slight exception of John Pearson (playing Misha) and Seb Collinson (playing Chris), all performers were very lacking in energy, naturalism and overall performance. Nothing seemed to be performed realistically; everything seemed forced and wooden, as... Continue Reading →


This review is now available! Click here to view it. A review will be out soon for Not I Theatre's NSFW, written by Lucky Kirkwood, and performed at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre. Book your tickets for this performance online now at: https://cam.tickets.red61.com/performances.php?eventId=3113:1881 Also, make sure you're following The Theatre Reviewer on Tumblr and Twitter... Continue Reading →

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