[Review:] Baby Blues, Bread and Roses Theatre, London.

Baby Blues, written and directed by Michael Greenwood, is a didactic-expressive performance investigating Post-Natal Depression. This performance teetered between stylised physical movement and monologues. I will start with this former. Certain movements — such as popping of the chest, and lifting and spinning — became a repeated repertoire, dampening the overall efficacy of the dances.... Continue Reading →


[Review:] THE ENEMIES, The Bread and Roses Theatre, London.

A hurried, nervous and excitable duo, Jonathan Parr and Eleanor Neylon (playing characters of the same name*) welcome the audience into the Bread and Roses Theatre, ushering them to their seats and providing wine in plastic cups. Upon a bench covered in blue plastic wrap, a disinterested and casual Laura Vivio. She leafs through a... Continue Reading →

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