[Review:] THE MAGICIANS SHOWCASE, 12 May 2019, The London Improv Theatre, London.

This show is part of a chain of performances under the same name taking place monthly at The London Improv Theatre and hosted by Darren McQuade. It is worth nothing, then that this review does not speak of all performance; this review focuses on the performance of 12th May 2019. Magicians performing comprised: Luke O'Neill,... Continue Reading →


[Review:] JOB’S A GOOD’UN, Camden People’s Theatre, London.

Job's a Good'Un is a one-woman show starring its very own writer, Laura Taylor. Directed by theatre company Smol & Ginger's Rachel Lee, this play was performed Camden People's Theatre. This play was clearly written by and, moreover, for someone with a knowledge of drama and its studies. I say this because jokes around this... Continue Reading →

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