[Review:] JOB’S A GOOD’UN, Camden People’s Theatre, London.

Job's a Good'Un is a one-woman show starring its very own writer, Laura Taylor. Directed by theatre company Smol & Ginger's Rachel Lee, this play was performed Camden People's Theatre. This play was clearly written by and, moreover, for someone with a knowledge of drama and its studies. I say this because jokes around this... Continue Reading →

Job’s a Good’Un!

This review is now available! Click here to view it. A review will be out soon for Laura Taylor's Job's a Good'Un, to be performed at Camden People's Theatre. Keep an eye out, and buy your tickets now at: http://twitter.us16.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=ab177c0ef37e03ba220caf3b5&id=65eae3fa66&e=d49d35abd8 Also, make sure you're following The Theatre Reviewer on Tumblr and Twitter to keep up-to-date... Continue Reading →

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