[Review:] THE MEN WHO MADE FRANKENSTEIN, Etcetera Theatre, London.

With a needle in one hand and a white cloth in another, Marcus Frewin-Ridley (playing Rupert) sits in one of four sections bordered by long strips of white tape converging Downstage Center. Seeming anxious and disturbed, he glances over at the body of a male covered by a shroud of white. This intriguing visual is... Continue Reading →

[Review:] DARK ROOM, Etcetera Theatre, London.

A box of photos, a chain suspended from the ceiling, the only light coming from a small bright bulb — a simple set made into a beautiful aesthetic in Dark Room, a play by Jim Mannering, directed by David Thackeray, and performed at the Etcetera Theatre in London. I would like to start with said... Continue Reading →

[Review:] THE ENGLISH HEART, Etcetera Theatre, London.

Lacking confidence in trust in other people, a sexually-frustrated Andre (Andrew Jardine) finds himself meddling with the sexual desires of the love-struck landlords of his property, Jake (Jake Williams) and Marie (Anya Williams). This comedy, The English Heart, was performed at Etcetera Theatre in Camden, London and was written and directed by Matthew Campling. I will... Continue Reading →

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