Girls with Jokes!

A review is on the way for Girls with Jokes, a comedy night to be performed at the King's Head Theatre. To book your tickets, head over to: Also, make sure you're following The Theatre Reviewer on Twitter to keep up-to-date with posts and reviews: @T_Reviewer


[Review:] WE MUST LIVE, Blue Elephant Theatre, London.

This performance was part of the Wild Shenanigans Comedy Festival, staged at the Blue Elephant Theatre. It should be noted that this performance is a work in progress. Hence, this review cannot speak conclusively of its potential. A humorous duo take to the stage. One is dressed delicately in a black dress and shoal; the... Continue Reading →


This performance, directed by Georgia Murphy, is part of the Wild Shenanigans Comedy Festival currently performing at the Blue Elephant Theatre. In the most positive way possible, this performance definitely features in a band of the most ridiculous, whimsical and bewildering performances I have seen. It demands a certain attention, response and engagement from the... Continue Reading →

Important Information: Free Publicity

All Review Requesters are entitled to free publicity upon The Theatre Reviewer's main site and social media. Examples of free publicity: i, ii, iii. This publicity has always been automatically published; however, from now on, you will have to request free publicity for your performance(s). To do this, please send an email to, or... Continue Reading →

[Review:] STRANGE FRUIT, Bush Theatre, London.

Written by Caryl Phillips and directed by Nancy Medina, Strange Fruit is currently performing at the Bush Theatre until 27th July 2019. I would utterly recommend this play. Despite its thorny and challenging nature, this play is beyond a treat, an opinion seemingly shared by the vast majority of spectators who only had positive comments... Continue Reading →

Wild Shenanigans Comedy Festival!!!

This post has been edited. Find all links to corresponding reviews beside the performance titles listed below. The Wild Shenanigans Comedy Festival will take place at the Blue Elephant Theatre! And reviews will be published soon for ALL listed performances! These include: Tragic Scenes of Legendary Women Where Snakes Were (Kind Of) Present ––– Review now... Continue Reading →

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