[Review:] BLOOD, SWEAT AND VAGINAS, The Bread and Roses Theatre, London.

This witty one-woman show focuses on the life of Carolann, a menopausal introvert struggling to find her "inner bitch" whilst attempting, somewhat victoriously, sexual relations along the way. When I first entered the house, I was greeted by a stage which was bare apart from a jacket slumped over a chair and a microphone resting... Continue Reading →


[Review:] PUSSY LIBERTY, The Bread and Roses Theatre, London.

This review will consider Pussy Liberty, written by Valerie Isaiah Sadoh, directed by Diana Mumbi, and performed at The Bread and Roses Theatre. I shall start off by saying that the writing for this performance was very unnaturalistic. Dialogue was over-informative and lengthy as opposed to realistic, which jarred against a "realistic" style of acting... Continue Reading →

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