[Review:] KISSING REBELLION, Ovalhouse, London.

Created by Carolyn Defrin and Abigail Boucher, Kissing Rebellion is currently performing at the Ovalhouse in Kennington, London, as part of the Demolition Party 2019. As a purely exploratory piece of theatre, investigating the relativity, contextuality, viscerality and many subjective significances of kissing, this performance is rather rich and extensive. It encapsulates rather well the... Continue Reading →

[Review:] EASY, Blue Elephant Theatre, London.

This is a truly splendid play, not only an entertaining and highly engaging performance but compelling and powerful in its themes and the discourse that it evokes. Its articulation of sexual abuse amongst teenagers and of the dangers of technology in their social spheres is not only astute but definitely eye-opening. I will start this... Continue Reading →

[Review:] GAPING HOLE (STORY #3), Ovalhouse, London.

Essentially, this performance divides itself into three sections, the first and second alternating between one another before moving on to the third. The first sees the two characters (played by Rachel Mars and Greg Wohead) address plot-holes in various movies; then, the second, using narration and literal storytelling, imagines scenarios which decode and demystify these... Continue Reading →

[Review:] KATHRYN HOWARD, The Hope Theatre, London.

This performance appropriates the figure of Katheryn Howard as a synecdoche for the abused, objectified and prejudiced female. Through her subjection, it explores misogyny, sexism, social classifications, silenced cries and sexual abuse. Yet, despite how broad this seems, and despite the extending poignancy of some of Katheryn monologues, this exploration is not particularly profound or... Continue Reading →

[Review:] WEIGHT/WAIT, Blue Elephant Theatre, London.

Weight/Wait is a very enjoyable performance, offering in its particularity both lighthearted comedy and a certain soreness. Depicting an individual’s struggles with anxiety, this play provides a sense of respite and solidarity but also a unique depiction of a widespread yet vastly misunderstood mental disorder. Babbling and uttering nonsensical phrases, incessantly shadowing Karen (Katharine Richardson),... Continue Reading →

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