Important Information: Press Communications

This publication will cover what is required when requesting a review from The Theatre Reviewer. Please read carefully to make sure your review request goes as simply and as smoothly as possible.


Email Correspondence

  • Please address all emails to [first name:] Lee James [surname:] Broadwood.
  • Please remain courteous and professional throughout correspondences.
  • Please leave your name, or the name of your theatre company, at the end of your email.
  • Please make sure to check your inbox for future correspondences regarding your performance.


Press Releases

For more extensive information on the requirements for and purposes of a press release in general, please click here.

Press releases should contain (where applicable):

  • Your performance title.
  • The address/location of your performance.
  • The date of your performance.
  • The duration of your performance.
  • A complete list of ALL members of cast and crew, including all members of tech, set, costume, WHAM and props departments. (NB: Not all of these will be listed in the review; only as and where it is deemed necessary.)
  • The name of your theatre company.
  • Production photos. (These are particularly important, given that The Theatre Reviewer is an online press.)

If these informations are not supplied, it could mean that your review’s publication will become postponed.

Synopses or mission statements are not obligatory, but if you feel that your performance is particularly esoteric or complex, feel free to send these too.


After the Review

If after the publication of the review, you have any questions, concerns or comments, please either contact The Theatre Reviewer here or send another email to Lee James Broadwood. Your feedback and comments are regarded as highly important and are most encouraged.

Most of all, be sure to return to request another review for your next performance!


Thank you! And Happy Requesting!

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