[Review:] LOCKED UP, Tristan Bates Theatre, London.

When I first entered the studio, I was greeted with a wonderful aesthetic: a square stage with raised walls, the interiors of which appeared as stone; Samuel Ranger (playing Declan) sat in the corner, holding his legs to his chest; and low, macabre lighting. The music, a sort of rhythmic drone which played constantly throughout the... Continue Reading →


Locked Up!

This review is now available! Click here to view it. A review for Tristan Bates Theatre's Locked Up, written by Heather Simpkin and directed by James McAndrew, The Theatre Reviewer's first review after returning from Nantes, France, will be published shortly! Tickets are still available and can be purchased from: https://www.tristanbatestheatre.co.uk/whats-on/locked-up Keep an eye out... Continue Reading →

Request a Review!

You can request a review for a dance performance, musical, play, performance, showcase or rehearsed reading. If it is a live performance of any sort, a review can be requested from The Theatre Reviewer. To request a review, send the details of and poster for your performance(s) to: lee.james.broadwood@hotmail.com When you request a review, you... Continue Reading →

The Theatre Reviewer returns to England!

After having reviewed the theatres of Nantes, France, The Theatre Reviewer is back in England and ready to accept more review requests! A wonderful 26 review requests were sent in from Nantais theatres; however, as a lot of these reviews were requested to be made privately, only a few are available on this site. They... Continue Reading →

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