[Review:] JOB’S A GOOD’UN, Camden People’s Theatre, London.

Job's a Good'Un is a one-woman show starring its very own writer, Laura Taylor. Directed by theatre company Smol & Ginger's Rachel Lee, this play was performed Camden People's Theatre. This play was clearly written by and, moreover, for someone with a knowledge of drama and its studies. I say this because jokes around this... Continue Reading →

[Review:] HOT MESS, The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London.

Each twin sharing the same heart, Twitch and Polo's story takes us to the waves of an island special to their childhood. This is the basis of Hot Mess, written by Ella Hickson, directed by Julian Bruton and Jay Patel, and performed at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre. This play is a glorious symbiosis of... Continue Reading →

France: Important Information

As we come closer to the latter part of this year, The Theatre Reviewer will be taking off to Nantes to review the theatres of France. This also means that all reviews and most pages will soon be written in French. Make sure any review requests are for performances scheduled for before 20th September, as... Continue Reading →

How I Review…

As stated abundantly elsewhere on my blog, I provide analytical reviews, not creative ones. This means that I focus purely on the efficacy of performances as opposed to the intrigue of plots and narratives. I consider the performers, mode, style, plot, set, lighting, props and, above all, the performance's aims.When writing my reviews, I try to keep... Continue Reading →

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