Important Information: 

Review Requesters should remember that the reviews offered from The Theatre Reviewer are analytical reviews, not creative reviews. This means that it is the execution of the performance that is concentrated upon.

I.E. These reviews will ask questions such as…among others:

  • Was the performance effective and how?
  • If characters are present, how well were they portrayed/performed by the performers?
  • How did lighting, set, music, sound, etc. complement, or take away from, the performance?
  • If the performance had a political message, did this convey clearly and effectively?

These reviews should hence be considered as pointers for or, indeed, analyses of performances, as opposed to platforms for publicity for them.

More information can be found on The Theatre Reviewer’s homepage.

You can request a review for a musical, showcase, performance, production, dance performance, or showcase – if it is a live performance, it is viable for a review.

To request a review, send an email to:

Thank you! And Happy Requesting!


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