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[Review:] WOYZECK, Old Vic Theatre, London.

This review will consider the new adaptation of Woyzeck, written by Jack Thorne, directed by Joe Murphy, and performed on the stage of the Old Vic Theatre. The role of Woyzeck was played by understudy Theo Solomon on the night I saw this performance. The first most notable aspect of this performance was by far... Continue Reading →

[Review:] THE HAPPY THEORY, Yard Theatre, London.

This review will consider Generation Arts's The Happy Theory at the Yard Theatre in London, directed by Ali Godfrey. I will first start by saying that this performance most certainly encapsulated the essences of a range of emotions, from awkwardness, to sadness, to frustration, to happiness. And I most certainly left the venue feeling elated. This performance... Continue Reading →

The Happy Theory!

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For the Readers…

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[Review:] SALOMÉ, National Theatre, London.

Isabella Nefar lies on stage as Salomé, her legs bent to her chest, her body suffocated by a translucent-white sheet. Accompanying this image, a drone of chimes and bells. This was the first image of a visceral and ritualistic Salomé, written and directed by Yaël Farber and performed at the National Theatre in London. I... Continue Reading →

Requesting a Review: Important Information

Review Requesters should remember that the reviews offered from The Theatre Reviewer are analytical reviews, not creative reviews. This means that it is the execution of the performance that is concentrated upon. IE: These reviews will ask questions such as…among others: Was the performance effective and how? If dealing with characters, how well were these... Continue Reading →

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